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  • Sat Jun 10 17:10:34 MST 2017
    Since we have an arcade here at Societas Maleficarum, we thought it would be a cool idea to share the current High Scores. NetHack scores have moved here.
  • Tue Dec 06 12:05:38 MST 2016
    We are migrating away from our internal SSL Certificate Authority and will be using Let's Encrypt in the future. Currently most of the websites have been migrated, other services to follow. The CA certificate will remain available until it expires, at which point it will not be renewed.
  • Wed Aug 10 10:35:57 MST 2016
    Replacement chassis showed up for the mailserver, it's installed and running fine.

  • Tue Aug 02 10:31:08 MST 2016
    Replaced a failing drive in the mailserver on Sunday and the network ports died; so that machine is currently running off of two USB ethernet adapters until replacement hardware arrives. It's ghetto, and reminds me of the ethernet dongle that used to hang off the Cisco 2500 we used to have.
  • Sat Jul 09 17:17:47 MST 2016
    Successfully recovered from a database crash. A bad disk cache caused corrupted InnoDB logs and hilarity ensued. If you've been wondering why the db was read-only, that's why.
  • Thu Jun 09 15:16:31 MST 2016
    I've ported the contact form to PHP7 and made some improvements along the way. Enjoy.
    Also fixed ipcalc.
  • Thu Jun 09 14:02:58 MST 2016
    For those who don't share our affinity for procmail, mail filtering in webmail now has a pretty interface, so you can easily create filters to sort your mail. Check it out under Settings->Filters.
  • Wed Mar 09 13:37:08 MST 2016
    The IM server is back up. We migrated away from jabberd2 to ejabberd. If you have trouble logging in let us know.
  • Tue Mar 01 11:12:02 MST 2016
    Today's OpenSSL bug is out and it's a problem in SSL version 2. We have had that disabled pretty much everywhere for pretty much all of recorded time, so no need to worry.
  • Sun Feb 28 18:43:31 MST 2016
    The migration to Arch Linux has been mostly a success. SSH is up (host keys have not changed), FTP is up, webserver is up, but due to the move to PHP 7 some things are still broken (webcalendar, webmail). The IM server is down as we're migrating to ejabberd.
    update :: Webmail has returned.
  • Mon Feb 22 11:01:43 MST 2016
    The SSH server's DNS records have been updated with SSHFP RRs. Enjoy!
  • Wed Feb 17 15:45:21 MST 2016
    Major infrastructure updates (migration from Slackware to Arch Linux is almost complete); also an about us clarification.

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