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About irb

Hello, I'm irb. You might be wondering what "irb" means; well, some say it stands for "Industrial Radiation Burns". Others say "It Really Boots!" or "I Remember Blackadder". I've even heard people talk about Irksome Random Bits (especially because I Read Books). If you want to know the truth though, it's really bloated, at least according to the implacable recidivist bourgeosie.

This is a personal site and hardly ever gets updated. What you're looking at now will be remarkably similar to what you'll be looking at if you check back in 2009 2015 (that is, of course, if we haven't suffered total annihilation at the hands of our triggerhappy overlords by then). As such, it will probably be of little use to people who either don't know me or don't want my PGP keys. (see below); it is not under any sort of "construction", uses no <blink> tags, and is so standards compliant it is being reccomended as an RFC.

Note: This site, this page really, was written in ... oh, must be 2002 or something, in HTML4 strict. I've "upgraded" it to XHTML and, in the process, nearly hurt myself looking at the source. Tables? Width specs? My word. Most of that is gone now and you can safely return to your lives unassaulted by hypertext markup nightmares.

Capitulation to the fickle demands of the liquor-ridden masses

"You're a spoiled, self-indulgent, willfull, dirty-minded, liquor-ridden..."

Okay, fine. Maybe I will update this silly thing from now on. No promises though.

Malleus Maleficarum, my paper.li site. (Gun Rights Today is also popular)
Malleus Maleficarum, the actual Hexenhammer.
Societas Maleficarum, where the bad people are.

Playing with github, but don't want to pay for it (yet?).

For many years I have been looking for a simple way to keep config files in a repository (so you can roll back changes, deploy them on new machines, etc). I hacked together a clever GNU Make / CVS monstrosity back in 2000 or so, and made a half-hearted stab at recreating it with Subversion. It looks like git may be what I'm looking for though, because I can commit to a local repository and make further changes there without mucking up the central server with a bunch of garbage other clients don't need, want, or care about (and I don't want to set up puppet just so I can sync changes to ~user/.vimrc). (Also, cfengine is evil; and not in a fun way.)

Also, you can find me on the air at KF7SJD.

Resume / Employment

Too bad! I've got a job.

PGP: the crypto-wonder drug in vogue

These are my current, active GnuPG keys; a complete listing is also available.

Personal Key

Key ID: 0xC520684E
Download: irb_personal.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net

2637 BD85 7C3D CCA4 0F12 60F5 5223 782E C520 684E

Mars Space Flight Facility Key
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera SOC Key

Key ID: 0x37BEAEC3
Download: irb_work.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net

4E7A CBDD 53F1 2991 EBBD FA0D 88C9 A58F 37BE AEC3

Also, I've been playing with Bitcoin lately. I like the idea of decentralized banking.


You should send BTC to that address.

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