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 [ irb ] irb is an authentic Transylvanian Count and villainous technocrat. Everything you've read about irb is true, even the lies. In fact, especially the lies. He has diverse interests, if by diverse you mean alcohol, tobacco, firearms and revenge. He graduated from a college you've never heard of so many years ago that the place may very well be a parking lot by now (if there's any justice in the world).


This is a personal site and hardly ever gets updated. What you're looking at now will be remarkably similar to what you'll be looking at if you check back in 2009 2015 2020 (that is, of course, if we haven't suffered total annihilation at the hands of our triggerhappy overlords by then). As such, it will probably be of little use to people who either don't know me or don't want my PGP keys. (see below); it is not under any sort of "construction", uses no <blink> tags, and is so standards compliant it is being reccomended as an RFC.

	G - a cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor
	a - a +1 Smith & Wesson 327 Performance Center .357 Magnum (weapon in hand)
	b - a +1 Tantal (alternate weapon; not wielded)
	c - 24 +2 elven hollowpoints (in moon clips)
	d - 60 +0 Orcish rifle cartridges
	e - an uncursed +2 Panama hat (being worn)
	f - a cursed pair of iron boots (being worn)
	g - the blessed +5 Maximum Pants (being worn)
	h - an uncursed -2 Iron Maiden T-Shirt
	i - an uncursed fireproof +0 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
	j - 3 blessed carne asada tacos
	O - an uncursed lizard corpse named Floyd
	P - an unsmoked +2 My Father "Le Bijou 1922" cigar 
	A - an uncursed +0 Perdomo Fresco cigar (lit)
	W - a cursed spellbook of DNS and BIND
	X - a blessed spellbook of Arch Wiki
	B - an uncursed spellbook of Bash Scripting
	Y - a blessed ring of free action (on right hand)
	Z - a blessed wedding ring (on left hand)
	k - 3 blessed potions of Lagavulin
	l - 3 cursed potions of coffee
	r - an uncursed wand of packet cancellation (1:6)
	s - an uncursed wand of wishing (3:0)
	U - a blessed wand of secret door creation (1:3)
	m - an uncursed -1 Leatherman multitool
	n - an uncursed +0 Orcish flashlight
	o - an cursed +0 Android phone (on fire)	
	p - a cursed -2 torch lighter
	q - the blessed rustproof +7 Xikar V-Cutter
	I - a blessed etherkiller

irb the BOfH              St:16 Dx:13 Co:15 In:18 Wi:16 Ch:8  Chaotic
Gehennom:48 $:0  HP:23(767) Pw:2(182) AC:-48 Xp:30/109453714 T:124365 Burdened
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I'm an expert at surfing the information superhighway. <marquee>Hit counter is under construction.</marquee>

Malleus Maleficarum, the actual Hexenhammer.
Societas Maleficarum, where the bad people are.

Playing with github, but don't want to pay for it (yet?).
Keybase::irb, cryptol33t antisocial notworking.

You can find me on the air as KF7SJD. Good luck.

Resume / Employment

Sucks to be you, I've got a job. Only contact me with employment offers if you're firing clever little contraptions into space.

PGP: the crypto-wonder drug in vogue

These are my current, active GnuPG keys; a complete listing is also available.

Personal Key

Key ID: 0xC520684E
Download: irb_personal.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net

2637 BD85 7C3D CCA4 0F12 60F5 5223 782E C520 684E

American Airlines Key

Key ID: 0x912BB9EE
Download: irb_work.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net

69C8 4B70 8D2A 3BD6 4D16 E328 2355 E365 912B B9EE

Also, I've been playing with Bitcoin lately. I like the idea of decentralized banking.


You should send all your bitcoin to that address.

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